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Remoters Community is dedicated to providing the best experience for both hosts and remote workers. Hosts also reserve the right to control their availability and the rules of the house.

Want to become a host? Kindly follow these simple steps below.


Setting Up Your Profile


The first step to becoming a host is to complete registration with your LinkedIn account. Set up your professional profile, input your name, your profession, your skills, your personal description, your country/city, and a picture of your home office space.  When applying for being a host, check if your co-working status set to “Host”. A complete profile provides information that lets others connect with you easily. You will be asked to sign in with your Linkedin account to ensure that we create a safe professional community for hosts and remoters alike.


Hosts are required to set up profiles to help remoters understand their expectations, rules, and offerings. Be sure to pick a unique name that tells remoters about the uniqueness of your space.


Another important tip is to clearly set your rules. Do not hold anything back. Lastly, be sure to update amenities that make your space special. Remoters want a space that is comfortable. This is your window to show your space off. What amenities is your space equipped with? Do you offer any Add-ons?


Get Ready for Guests


After setting up your profile, it is advisable to start preparing for guests. Make sure your space is sparkling clean as guests would readily choose a clean space compared to a dirty one. Be sure to keep the bathroom and kitchen clean too. Clean off any dust or mold from the floors and walls.



Remoters is as a free service for all users. Members, regardless of category – Host, Guest or Community Member, may not in any way charge services or products to other users.

There is a huge difference between social interaction and a business relationship.

Whereas business relationships start and end, social interaction involves so much more like getting to know each other, different cultures, skills, and forming a life-long bond of friendship.

It may not seem like it from the onset, but opening your home for people to come work in earns you tons of benefits that money cannot buy. The friendship you share and network you build can never be bought with money.

Also, you get the chance to learn from these professionals and teach them about your culture too.

Playing a guest or host by opening your home to remote workers is a good way to impact on others, build a lasting network, and above all, you get to collaborate and learn from professionals without leaving the perimeters of your home.

I guess it is not free after all.

By using Remoters, you agree to follow our Community Guidelines that are aimed at creating a friendly environment at our platform.


Be Respectful and Thoughtful: treat other users with a deep respect and consideration. Always keep in mind that you are not supposed to aggressively challenge others’ beliefs and viewpoints when you don’t agree with them. Simply reply in a polite way or accept others’ opinions as they are, and enjoy the cultural

diversity you are plunged into!


Be Collaborative: never forget that any dispute can be solved through a fruitful collaboration. It is crucial for the Remoters community that issues are resolved in a mutually beneficial manner. In case you cannot find common ground with other members, our Support is always happy to help you out!


Be Smart: don’t violate Remoters Community Guidelines and Policies [], even if another member did so to you.


Be Cautious: we would ask you not to give personal information that is not required by our platform to other members. Safety and security of your personal data is a core value of the Remoters community and administration

As soon as you create your personal profile at Remoters, you can start searching for various users, including Hosts. Just a quick reminder: Hosts are those people who provide a coworking space based in their flats, houses, or even individual offices.

As soon as you find a Host with a location and home office facilities that work best for you, check whether their status is set to “Host” and send them a request message. Be polite, friendly, and try to tell about yourself in an attractive way, so that the Host invites you and provides a unique coworking experience!

We all know that remote workers, and especially digital nomads oftentimes change their location. Therefore, in order to feel at home in any city and country of the world, you can use Remoters platforms to search for people having the same interests and skills as you do. Meet with them in bars, have a lunch together, or organize a community meeting in order to share your professional experience, learn new skills and simply make friends from all corners of the world. The only thing you need to do to expand your professional network is to register at Remoters and search for remote workers in the “Find People” section – don’t forget to indicate the desired skills and city!

Being a Guest seems to be an easy task at first glance. However, in reality, it might require a lot of work and effort. Below are a few tips that we would recommend you to follow when you come as a Guest to a Host’s place:

1) Respect your Host. Although in some cultures it is commonly accepted that guests can behave like “kings” or “queens”, certain nations don’t support such conduct. Hosts might feel that you abuse their hospitality, and will not invite you to stay at their place next time. Moreover, serious violations of personal space, insult, offense, and other issues might be reported to our Support Service, or even to local security institutions.

2) Be aware of cultural differences. Always keep in mind that when you are introduced to a new culture, you might confront certain customs or behaviors that may seem strange or even incorrect to you. In this case, you should not try to convince your Host that your cultural traditions are “better” than theirs. However, if certain issues contradict your cultural or religious beliefs, and you feel personally insulted, please try to solve the problem with the Host, or report the violation to the Remoters Support.

3) Be thankful. Don’t forget to thank your Host for the time and energy they devoted to providing you with a comfortable working space. Bring a little souvenir from your home country/countries, make a traditional for your home culture(s) lunch or invite your Host for a drink – they would definitely appreciate that!

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