Reasons Why the Future of Work Is Remote

It is no news that remote working (not necessarily working from home but working anywhere besides the traditional office) is the future of work. Before now it seemed like one of the waves of the millennial that should be ignored but as more companies adopt this trend, it is obvious that there is a clear cut between remote working and working in the office.

Working from your home and communicating with people across the globe seemed impossible a decade ago but thanks to technology, you can do so much more now.

Which business operates without a functioning computer and email messaging? If work is gradually going online (if not already online), why can’t we work in the cloud too?

The revolution is underway already. The millennials has seen the future of work and are adapting to the technological changes, which makes it safe to say that years from now, remote working will be the heart of every successful business organization.


Besides the overwhelming technological developments, which call for a change in the line of approach of business activities, there are tons of other reasons why remote working will be a better fit than working in the office in the near future.

Some of these reasons include;

A Higher Chance for Great Talents

The truth is that great talents are spread across the globe. With remote working, you get to reach these talents wherever they are based in the world and make them work for you. As technology advances, you need better-skilled employees and more often than not these talents do not live next door.

Increased Productivity

Let’s face it, the office work environment is littered with lots of distractions (from coworkers to customers and employers even). Whispers from the worker in the next cubicle do not help you focus. Neither does the every-fifteen-minute break to answer questions (both relevant and irrelevant) from customers and coworkers. And just when you finally get yourself to focus on the task of the day, you’re being called in for a meeting. At the close of work for that day, you will find out that you have accomplished 30% or less of the target of the day.

But this is not the case with remote working. There are fewer distractions, less number of people to deal with, and fewer meetings scheduled online. This allows remote workers to spend more hours on their daily task, thus increasing their productivity in general. Isn’t this what any business organization would want?

Remote Working is Cost-Effective

you would agree that employers spend tons of dollars on the office environment. Not just on getting a larger space to contain the employees but beautifying each office too. As an employer, allowing your employees to work remotely goes a long way helping you spend less. This means more revenue for the organization as you are spending less and gaining more from the increased productivity of your employees.

Less Stressed Employees

Ever wondered why workers complain about Mondays? Because it is the beginning of another work week! The stress of spending several minutes on the subway to and from work (approximately 60 minutes daily) and every work-related stress in between makes workers pray Monday never comes. Alas, it does come and so does Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and every other business day.

A stressed employee is sure to be less productive compared to a remote worker who works from his/her comfort. Sometimes I do not remember what day of the week it is even. Mondays? It baffles me when I hear workers complain of Mondays. Isn’t it like Fridays and any other day of the week? Well, I wouldn’t know because as a remote worker I operate a flexible schedule that allows me to plan each day as I see best. Trust me, there is no better cure for burnout than working from your comfort. This helps workers love what they do and wouldn’t even think of a sick leave let alone a leave.


These are but a few advantages that remote working has over working in the traditional office. From the list above you will agree that remote working offers too many amazing benefits to be ignored. No wonder businesses are adopting the trend already. If you are among the few who still think remote working isn’t the real deal, then you need to have a rethink because work is going way farther from the business environment into the cloud (by cloud I mean online) and so is working. The future is here already. Join the trend!

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