About Us

Grab a drink as we walk down memory lane.

Our story

Hey! My name is Samantha. I spent 6 years working remotely and traveling. With that experience, I understand we need to think and adapt to the circumstances while traveling. It is easier to overcome cultural and language barriers when you try to understand and communicate with others with a similar mind while traveling.

I understand that curiosity is the key for mastering the geography of a new place. I’m always happy to meet people who are constantly traveling and challenging stepping out of their comfort zone to meet life with ambition.


How it started

I decided to try out remote working because it seems that is what I was actually meant to do. So, I set out working remotely.

Remote working exposed me to lots of ideas and helped me learn so much that would have been impossible if I was confined to the four walls of a firm.

A Real experience

Over the years I learned that a major challenge I encountered was loneliness. Yes, loneliness. I know I do enjoy being alone and I work best in a quiet environment, but I started missing the feeling of being integrated in a community of pairs.  I was confused then the thought hit me – co-working space.

Trust me, co-working space is the best way to fight the overwhelming loneliness and get your head back in the game. You also get to meet people with similar goals. So, I resolved to co-working space and I’m glad I did.

Co-working spaces have enough privacy and a reasonable level of socialization too, but it came with commitment and quite a huge amount as renter fee.

AN alternative workplace

From the experience I had – both bitter and sweet, I decided to create a community that would help remote workers like me scale through the challenges that come with remote working. I believe there are ways to improve the way we work from home and I am happy to share them with everyone who cares to listen.

This is a great moment to be alive to experience how technology is changing the way we live and work. Join the trend now!

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