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Experience a new way to meet people while you work and travel.
Socialize, interact, and collaborate with digital nomads, freelancers, and remote workers
from all over the world.

Matching People

Learn about the local culture and meet interesting people.

Get work done

Find new places to work. Change your work routine whenever you want.

Professional Network

Build your professional contacts in a fun environment.

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Review guest profiles and invite them to work from your home by sending them a friend request. List your rules, hours and days of availability.


See which hosts are offering work space in their home. Next, send a friend request to let the host know that you are interested in working from their space.

Community Member

Not ready to be a host or guest? No problem. Join the community and network with Guests and Hosts.

Make valuable connections with remote workers globally

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How it works

Professional Profile

Set up your professional profile. Input your name, your profession, your skills, your personal description, and your country/city.

Remoters Experience

Listings of places you can go on a daily basis, use the office utilities like internet connection, and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Meetup & Groups

Explore our community. You can view all the groups in the community, Create your group or join a group.

Find People

Search for members based on their professional skill set and location. Network with other professionals and invite them to have a coffee or a beer outside of your home.

Collaborate with remote workers when you travel

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Our members say

"Kinda like home-office couch-surfing for digi-nomads. Great idea! (that would be the most hyphens I've ever included in a short sentence)"
"As a digital nomad for the last 6 years, I know isolation is the main issue. Remoters proposes a long-awaited community-based solution!"

Save money, time and make
yourself at home

"Sharing, flexibility, learning, connections - and all of that on the go. As a long-term nomad, I've been meeting fellow nomads, freelancers and online business owners everywhere: colivings, coworkings, meetups, but a relaxed dropping by at someone's place to meet, work, learn and make friends - is bringing it to a new level."​

A Trusted Community

Let’s build a trustworthy community together.

Contact the community manager with any questions. We respond to all messages.

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